The teaching and learning (way of education) in ancient India till today is followed on oral tradition based on Guru-Shishya Parampara (the Teacher-Disciple tradition) since vedic period, be it a learning of sanskrit or music. Students stayed in the ashram of Gurus, till they complete their education. Their needs of lodging and boardings are fulfilled by ashrams and students also offer their hard labour for collecting needful and get education, which is based on Shriti (hearing and repeating) and Smiriti (memory what they learn and produce) after their Gurus taught. We still can trace this system in sanskrit learnings in all the four corners of India, as well as in music also.

In holiest and ancient education center of world, Varanasi, Pallab Das offers to his foreign and Indian disciples training based on this system of education at 4 AM, which starts from Akaras which is called Mandra Sadhna - Swara that controls on breathing systems, later on some yogic kriyas. This system is followed in his workshops held outside Varanasi also.

1. Principles and practices of tuning the tanpura (drone instrument) and hearing the harmony and overtones from the instrument.
2. Breathing technique and perceiving sound resonance in the body.
3. Methods of articulation to produce vowels and syllables in different registers with different intensities.
4. Basic exercises to develop the voice.
5. Producing tonic shades which pave the way to establish the mood of the melody.
6. Technique of Alap or unfolding the melody.
7. Principles of presenting the song text (composition or bandish) and its improvisation (upaj) with different rhythmic patterns.

Presently there is a chain of dedicated teachers available to offer rigorous training in Dhrupad style only pure tradition in Indian music. In all aspects Musical notes (swara voice), (Text or Poetry) Sahitya also and Tala & Laya (Time cycle and rhythm), Pakhavaj and Veena. More and more Indian students as well as students all over the world are interested to join this system of devotional music. As there are several sounds (Nad-brahma) which concentrate your mind as well as control breathing system (yoga) full enjoyment of healthy and lead to achieve your objectives. So its has very bright future, as Indian teachers from time to time keep their workshops and also by foreign teachers.